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Soundpath Health Benefit Plan Information

2018 Evidence of Coverage Documents

Alpine (HMO)

Sound + Rx (HMO)

Charter + Rx (HMO)

Peak + Rx (HMO)   

2018 Summary of Benefits Documents

2018 Summary of Benefits - Alpine 

2018 Summary of Benefits - Peak+Rx, Charter+Rx, and Sound+Rx 

2018 Formulary Documents

2018 Transition Policy

2018 Comprehensive Formulary

2018 Prior Authorizations 

2018 Step Therapy Requirements 

2018 Annual Notice of Changes Documents

2018 Annual Notice of Changes - Alpine
2018 Annual Notice of Changes - Charter+Rx
2018 Annual Notice of Changes - Peak+Rx
2018 Annual Notice of Changes - Sound+Rx

Additional Information

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Page Last Updated: November 01, 2018